Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Unintentional Hiatus

Despite our best intentions to get seriously biking this week, my hard-headedness derailed our plans. Ignoring Arik's friendly reminders about wearing flip flops during activities, I soldiered on and played soccer sans real shoes. After a couple of nice punts in my sister's backyard, I felt a sharp pain in my foot, looked down, cringed, and hobbled over to Dr. Dad, who luckily was nearby spectating. I burst a blood vessel in my foot and was instructed to "get inside, get ice on it, and get it elevated or your whole foot's gonna explode." Thanks for helping me not freak out pops! I ended up laying on my sis's couch for about 3 hours with a throbbing foot and a nice dose of humility. Dad told me I couldn't bike again for at least a week, and today marks the end of that week. And the worst part was having to tell Arik he was right! :D We'll be back in the saddle soon.

Be well,

Arik and Mia

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