Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cedar Hill State Park

After spending yesterday morning and much of the afternoon watching the rain and crossing our fingers, we took advantage of a lull and headed off for Cedar Hill State Park yesterday afternoon. The roads were still wet, the skies were still kinda foreboding, but we were happy to get moving! Jeff, Kate, Arik and I left Oak Cliff about 4 and made it to CHSP around 6. We enjoyed mostly low traffic roads and made it through some tough hills. We found a nice campsite, got set up, and had a tasty dinner. The boys went to the marina and bought some firewood (there wasn't any dry wood around) and we got a nice fire going. We turned in pretty early and were awakened this morning by the melodious sounds of...... 20 screeching crows. doh! We ate some oatmeal in the cool morning air (crazy that 60 degrees now feels cool to me- I guess I've adjusted to Texas weather already!) and started heading home. It was sunny and 70 degrees- perfect riding weather! The hills didn't feel quite as bad on the way back, but we did have to survive a high speed chase by a Jack Russell Terrier- that little dude was vicious and he'd clearly chosen my bike as the one to attack! We rolled back into Oak Cliff close to 11. We headed straight to our favorite eatery- Spiral Diner- and enjoyed their Sunday brunch. I foolishly scoffed down about 10 pancakes, and after 2 hours of riding my belly wasn't too pleased! Thankfully we were close to home. We bid farewell to Jeff and Kate and rolled back to the casa. A hot shower and some slobbery kisses from our bulldog later, and we're now well rested. Our gear worked great, we enjoyed a pretty ride, and got to hang out with good friends- overall a great weekend mini trip! Here are some pix:

Leavin' OC

About 1/3 of the way there

On the road

Arik guarding the bikes at Walgreens

Some nice motivation on the way up a big hill

How we entertained ourselves

Our campsite

The crew on the way home

That's all for now!

Be well,

Arik and Mia

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